Welcome to Prairie Dog's annual round-up of Regina’s favourite restaurants, meals, watering holes, food industry people and more. Here’s how it works: in the first round everyone nominates their favourites (this is now complete). In the second round (right now!) the top nominees move on to a multiple-choice ballot and you choose the winner. All the results will published in Prairie Dog’s May 25th edition.

Start voting!

If you want more detail, read our guide below.

Step-by-Step Guide

STEP 1: Register or log in.

You must be registered with us to participate. Fortunately, our sign-up process is quick and secure. If you have participated in any of our previous contests, you are already registered! Just log in and start voting.

STEP 2: Vote!

Just go to the ballot and vote for your favourites on a super-easy, multiple-choice ballot of the top nominees. It should take around 10 minutes. Vote in as many categories as you want (but you need to vote in at least 20 if you want to be entered to win the grand prize!). There's no SUBMIT button — the website just saves as you go. You can even come back later and change your votes if you want! Voting ends on April 20th.

STEP 3: Promote!

After you're done, spread the word! Campaigning for your favourites (or yourself!) is allowed and encouraged. (But please don't fill out ballots on others’ behalves, or bribe others to vote for you. WE WILL KNOW AND WE WILL DISQUALIFY YOU.)

Need graphics for your social media page or your store window? We've got you covered.

STEP 4: Enjoy!

Check out all the official results in the May 25th Best of Food & Drink issue (also published on our website). It's always a fun read.

STEP 6: Win!

Just for participating you are eligible to take home a GRAND PRIZE. All you need to do is vote in at least 20 categories. We will contact the randomly chosen winner shortly after the results issue is out.

Now go forth and vote!

RULES: One ballot per person. Do not fill out ballots on others’ behalves. You must be a Saskatchewan resident. You must vote in at least 20 categories and provide correct contact information in order to be eligible for prizes. Prize winners must correctly answer a skill-testing question. Prairie Dog and Planet S staff and contributors and their families are ineligible to win prizes. People and businesses may encourage others to vote for them, but may not offer bribes.

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